Innovative customer service concept - customer first


"Customer First" is JOYFULcustomer service department service brand and direction, It is the golden key, help us effectively to provide customers with worry free service. We will focus on to employees the ability to lean culture and value creation and colleagues say internal benchmarking extended to other departments, to achieve full participation, let "Customer First" vote for the silhouettes in the hearts of every employee. Will always take the customer's needs as the standard to audit our business.


JOYFUL customer service department in order to strengthen customer service, to improve customer service to the clinical application effect of user equipment. Have in view of the clinical application of specialization, different to the engineering technology and equipment maintenance, established after-sales clinical application service team, launched a broader and deeper customer service for.


Our clinical application specialists are from the actual users of the hospital. Users have clinical skills and rich experience, Let our team have more close to the customer's ideas, let us do what customers want, anxious customers anxious.
JOYFUL customer care center and technical support team will provide users of the online operation support, assist the user to optimize workflow, clinical output quality to ensure that the equipment, shorten the clinical user interruption time and reduce unnecessary waste. In addition, we will provide customers with education training, to assist users in higher order application research. Contribute to the creation of more valuable customer experience.


We will take root in service work, improve the quality of service. For our users to create a better customer experience.

创新客户服务工作理念 – 加速临床应用服务工作的成长