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Automatic litter box
Pessy PC200 is a fairytale home for your cat, cosy bedroom and automatic self-cleaning cat litter box. It offers your feline friend a cosy and protected retreat all year round. Pessy robot will help you to keep your home clean and stylish.
Fully automatic cat litter box.

The litter is automatically sifted after each use, easy cleanup, no scooping required;

Reduce cat litter usage up to 50%.

Four work mode

Three working modes can be set.

Mode –auto: In this mode, after the cat excretes and leaves, 3-20 minutes (time can be set at will), the robot automatically starting the cleaning process.

Mode -timing: In this mode, the time interval can be set from 1 to 10 hours, and the cleaning program starts automatically.

Mode -sleep: In this mode, the cleanup process will be suspended within 8 hours of the night of human sleep, maintains the sleeping environment peaceful.

Manual mode: Manual mode can be executed at any time in any of the above modes.

Deodorization function

The unit sifts waste within minutes to greatly reduce unpleasant odors.

Carbon-filtered, fully enclosed waste box.

Plasma and activated carbon adsorption deodorization

Suitable for tofu cat litter and bentonite cat litter.

Flexible schedules

In each mode, the time to clean up the waste can be flexibly set according to the condition of the cat owner.

lager internal space

The cat robot has a huge internal space. It is suitable for cats of different ages, body types and weights. It is especially suitable for all kinds of fat cats, giant cats, fat cats, large cats and overweight cats. It can accommodate three cats at the same time.


Watch real time webcam video stream of your cat on your mobile. 

Double safety guarantee technology

Japan's biosensors can accurately sense the cat's entry and exit, and intelligently protect the cat from harm.

Automatic door

When the cat exits from the litter box, the door will automatically close; and the cleaning process end , the door will open automatically.

Intelligent alarm

When the waste bin is full, the operation is wrong, and the cat makes trouble deliberately, the machine will alarm to remind the owner.

Cozy cat house

It satisfies the cat's habit of climbing and has a strong privacy. Cats will feel safe and comfortable.