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Deep beauty system
It can break up fat cells, speed up metabolism and drain out toxins.

About Joyful Deep Beauty System


The JOYFUL® deep beauty system uses high-frequency currents emitted through a metal massage head to firm skin and lift contours. It can break up fat cells, speed up metabolism and drain out toxins.

How does it work?
The specific radiofrequency of 448 kHz allows the correct mobilization of ions, the balance of the cellular electric potential and enables the tissue to recover its function correctly.
JOYFUL deep beauty System shapes and tones your body by revitalizing it from within. System's monopolar waves delve deeper to reach even the most stubborn fatty tissue layer. It's painless and non-invasive, with just the perfect flow of ions between the cells; the cell's potential is balanced and recovers its vital functions. So, it starts from within, at the source of the problems – the cells.





Microcirculation and hyperthermia. Rejuvenation, fat reduction, body contouring, moisturizing and toning. It balances the cell electric potential, promotes lymphatic drainage, enables more oxygen and nutrient supply to the cells as well increase cell metabolic rate and lipolysis process. As a complementary treatment, JOYFUL® helps with the healing process of surgical treatments.

– Reduces wrinkles and expression lines              
– Improves the appearance of eye bags
– Firming, lifting and rejuvenation effect
– Redefines facial contours

– Body contouring
– Reduction of cellulite, stretch marks and sagginess
– Breast lifting
– General well-being
– Pre- and post surgery


How many treatments will I need?


For best results, a total of six to eight sessions are required. The first four sessions should be done within the first six to 14 days, if possible, for optimum results. As the JOYFUL® treatment is a proven and safe treatment, you can do it as frequently as you like. The treatment is suitable for most subjects with mild laxity of the face and body. Some results may be apparent after just a single treatment, but for long-lasting results a course of treatment is usually recommended and prescribed.




Item No.                    DP-300

Voltage                      110v /240v 50-60Hz

Rated power                0 - 200 W

RF frequency:              448KHz 

Handles size                35, 65, 90, 115mm

Touch panel                 5.6 inches

Resolution                   800×600

Dimension                   46*21*12cm

N. W.                                 12 KG


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